The fourth recorded incident with a Ferrari 458 Speciale is coming from South Africa where the supercar has been crashed during a Ferrari Club track day.

After we have presented you the where the supercar has met a Ford Ka up close, the one from Germany, where it collided with a Smart ForTwo, and the one from the United Kingdom, where it has been seen on the back of a truck, where it was probably being taken to a garage, time has come to see the fourth one, which is coming all the way from South Africa.

The Italian supercar in question has ended up looking like this after taking part in a track day, which has been organized by the Ferrari Club, in Johannesburg, at the Kyalami raceway. The Ferrari 458 Speciale has been crashed after its driver has lost control of the wheel, due to excessive speeding. The driver was lucky enough to walk away without suffering any injuries but this is more than we can say about his ride, which will need a complete makeover to return to its former glory. The good news is that the supercar has a rear mid-engine layout and the bad one is that the servicing bill will probably be astronomic.

Source: Rogue Rally (FB) via WCF


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