The premium German sports car maker is recalling for the fourth time its hybrid hypercar and this time it is over some potential seatbelts problems.

This is not the first time when owners of some of the world’s most impressive hypercars are receiving letters from their dealers to bring their “jewels” back for inspection. And it is certainly not the first time for Porsche’s 918 Spyder drivers. The German automaker said the original parts catalogue for the model inadvertently transposed the locations for the screws which secure the seatbelt mount and the belt reel mount, affecting all the models in the US. “We cannot rule out the possibility that, due to the mistake in the catalog, technicians who had to work on those components might have been led to install the wrong screw in the wrong location,” the company said in statement. This blunder may weaken the seatbelts in case of an accident. The problem is these screws are one-time-use only and are not identical, so dealers will have to check them and replace if necessary. Porsche pointed out it corrected the error from the parts catalogue.

The first 918 Spyder recall was issued back in September 2014 for 45 units worldwide over a rear-axle control arms failure. Later in December, Porsche discovered problems with some chassis parts for 205 models, for March 2015 to mark another safety campaign for 223 units in US, at 76 in Germany and 23 in Switzerland over a potential wiring harness damage caused by a carbon fiber component.


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