The Czech automaker has been boasting the camouflaged Kodiaq for some time now, and we’re getting another batch of photos practically revealing nothing else other than what we saw before.

But the good news is the odd bystanders that we know the Tour de France is full off will get a model to satisfy their quirky needs – a Kodiaq camouflaged prototype is scheduled to make an appearance during the final stage of the famous cycling event. VW’s Czech division is still keeping everything under wraps because the guest appearance in Paris during the final stage of Tour de France will keep the entire design of the model hidden, with the seven-seater, high-riding vehicle covered in mind-altering black, grey, and white disguise with some red accents. The thing is there’s an art to camouflage as well – Skoda used around 14,000 facets totaling 21 m2 of foil. The red accents are paying homage to the Corrida Red Superb serving as the Tour’s “Red Car” this year.

We’re going to finally be free of the camouflage come September 1, when Skoda has decided to reveal the new model during a special event held in Berlin, ahead of the official worldwide public debut during October’s Paris Motor Show. Sitting above the Yeti, the Kodiaq will be 4.7-meters long and will house up to seven persons, with a capable cargo capacity when the rear seats fold of 2,065 liters. Powertrains should be a pretty much given affair – a plethora of TSI and TDI engines from the group, linked to a six-speed manual transmission or a DSG. There will be front wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, and Skoda will offer even perks such as the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC).


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