Another Uber driver charged with sexual-related crime, in India’s New Delhi image

Online car-sharing business service provider Uber Ttechnologies, the best-known company in the emerging sector, has been tied to another crime committed by one of its drivers working in New Delhi.

The Uber driver was accused by a woman passenger of sexual harassment when she took a ride over the weekend, with police saying they arrested the driver. Uber was back in December 2014 banned out of New Delhi after a similar incident, when a woman passenger accused one of its drivers of rape. The firm was able to resume business this January as it applied for a radio taxi license, which has not been granted yet. The first instance of the accusation appeared on social media, with the woman’s brother, Ankush Pathania, posting a picture of Uber’s response to their complaint, followed by a police complaint. “The driver was arrested after the initial investigation,”commented a police official in Gurgaon, a city near New Delhi. “He is in police custody and we are cross-questioning him.” Pathania’s sister, a 21-year-old professional dancer, said for Reuters the Uber driver kissed her hand after dropping her in Gurgaon on Saturday night and then he tried to kiss her on the month, but she managed to run away.

Authorities in New Delhi also expressed concern, as they consider Uber still banned in the city and operating without permission, but the car hailing service provider has in its defense the India’s federal transport ministry comment made in April that such providers should simply be better regulated, not banned. “Uber has a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour,” Uber’s general manager for Delhi, Gagan Bhatia, commented in a statement, adding that company would cooperate fully with the proper authorities.

Via Reuters