Another worldwide double-digit growth sale month for Mercedes image

Mercedes-Benz strikes record after record in terms of monthly sales figures and May proved not to be an exception.

Mercedes is marching confidently on the path to dethrone BMW from the top of the premium market. Following a 10.8 percent rise in deliveries for April, Daimler’s unit grew once again at a double-digit rate last month, selling 170,625 vehicles or up 12.9 percent. This year through May, the three-pointed star brand managed to boost its worldwide deliveries by 12.3 percent, to 818,175 units.

“Our double-digit growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific made a major contribution to the strong unit sales of Mercedes-Benz in May,” said Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. “And we have big plans. Following the strong market launch of the E-Class Saloon in Europe, we are now presenting the new E-Class Estate to the public for the first time.”

Strong demand from the major European markets such as Great Britain, Italy or Spain pushed Mercedes’ sales up 14.2 percent in the region, to 74,268 units in May, while the 24.2 percent gain in Asia-Pacific was due to a massive 38.9 percent surge in sales in China, where the automaker surpassed 38,000 vehicles.

By contrast, the US market returned sales of 29,299 models, down 1.0 percent for the month, but a strong demand for its SUVs kept the slip from going further compared with its main rivals. From the global figure, the brand’s SUVs accounted for 58,517 units last month, 42.0 percent more than a year ago.