Sep.27 (GMM/ Lewis Hamilton’s constant trouble could eventually cost him his seat at McLaren.

That is the warning of former grand prix winner Johnny Herbert, as Hamilton’s critics round on him following the latest run-in in Singapore.

Herbert, now an occasional F1 steward, sided with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who physically grabbed his 2008 title nemesis after their clash on Sunday.

“The Brazilian had every right to be angry with him after the race”, the 47-year-old former Sauber and Jaguar driver wrote in his column for The National.

Herbert referred to recent speculation about Hamilton’s future beyond his current McLaren contract, warning that his options might dry up if he continues to crash.

“I am sure McLaren would want to keep him, but their loyalty might start wavering if he keeps making such costly errors,” he said.

Four time world champion Alain Prost told the French sports daily L’Equipe that he thinks Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are currently better drivers than Hamilton.

“He is too aggressive,” said the famous Frenchman. “He should have his manager try to calm him a little, because he is spoiling an incredible talent.”

  • JGH

    No. He is the best F1 driver without doubt, but he must get back to the perfection of his first season. Vet is No.2, Weber would be No 3 if he could get his starts up to the standard of last season when he was agro about being regarded as no. 2 driver. Button certainly is best at present at getting on the podium from mid field. Alonso is a very near equal to all. This is one of the best seasons ever with very little between the top five.