Just days keep us from seeing the first iteration of Apollo Automobil’s first new hypercar since it morphed from Gumpert GMBH – the Intensa Emozione, which has a decidedly latin-sounding name.

The company is now intensely teasing its first new model, ahead of the actual official reveal – a direct view of the carbon fiber chassis setup. According to Apollo, the “bespoke all carbon-fiber chassis of the IE allows for maximum torsional rigidity, safety and the ability to create a lightweight and aerodynamically efficient shape.” We tend to agree – and we hope Apollo Automobil, which appeared just last year on the ashes of Gumpert, will put to good use the investor’s money – the firm is now owned by Hong Kong-based investment company Ideal Team Venture.

So far, we know the Apollo IE will feature a huge, curved rear wing on a wide profile – complete with three diamond-shaped exhaust tips in the middle. We also heard across the rumor mill the car is using a naturally aspirated V12 engine that’s reportedly delivering in excess of 800 horsepower. The official reveal is scheduled for October 24 and that’s when we’ll see if the comparison with Le Mans prototype cars, stemming from the use of a central fin, will be warranted or not.



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