Apple again rumored to deliver auto industry innovation image

There are numerous rumors surrounding Apple’s stream of new products, especially considering that we’re near that period of the year when the technology giant presents its latest batch of iPhones and iPads.

But the reports we’re interested in don’t concern the established projects on Apple’s roster. We’re more interested in the rumor that Cupertino-based behemoth – probably the most valuable technology company in the world today – is developing a futuristic, gesture-controlled head up display (HUD) for use in vehicles. They would take the already traditional HUD that has reached mainstream models and update its interface to be able to deliver icons and information on the windscreen’s surface. The rumor was started by Global Equities Research’s tech analyst Trip Chowdhry, and then immediately spread by numerous mainstream publications – all of them dreaming of the moment that drivers would feel like entering the cockpit of a jet aircraft.

The interesting thing is the analyst didn’t actually say a HUD was in development, more it was “very likely” that Apple was secretly working on “a device” that looks like a vehicle windshield or a curved display. He added the “glass and display technology could be used in a totally different type of device, such as a TV,” according to various reports. He added the launch of the project didn’t seem to come in the near future and that it might actually be part of a larger one – which takes us back to the many rumors the company is working on its own car. And that would render credible the idea that Apple would seek to bring technologies and features that potentially revolutionize the auto industry much in the way the first iPhone did with the mobile devices.

Via Forbes