Apple Inc. was accused in a lawsuit of aggressively targeting the employees from a lithium-ion battery maker (to switch companies) after the technology company has been reported to have started building an electric car late last year.

The lawsuit was filed in Massachusetts state court by A123 Systems LLC this month, with the latter company also accusing five of its former employees of breaching non-disclosure agreements after they started working for Apple or intend to do so in the near future. Apple could have a first taste of the bitter end of car manufacturing after numerous sources reported late last week and over the weekend that the Cupertino, California-based technology giant is targeting the development of an electric car – sending shock waves throughout the automotive industry. Code-named Titan, Apple has allegedly embarked on the secretive electric-vehicle project since late last year – with the car resembling a minivan. Also, if the company does decide to introduce its own automobile the car could then be developed to incorporate autonomous features as well.

A123 on the other hand is a lithium-ion battery maker that became known back in 2007 when General Motors tapped them to develop battery technology for the automaker’s upcoming Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. Ultimately the No. 1 US carmaker chose South Korea-based LG Chem as the contractor for Volt’s batteries in 2009. Now the A123 company – which has been acquired by the Chinese Wanxiang Group Corp. following the former’s bankruptcy reorganization in 2013 – seeks to ban one of its former employees from breaking his employment agreement and also wants to prevent Apple from encouraging him to do so.

Via Bloomberg


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