Apple considers electric-car charging stations image

It seems that Apple plans to go all the way on the electric-path by also exploring the technology behind the charging stations for battery-powered cars.

Is Apple going to really build a vehicle that would combine electric powertrain and autonomous driving technologies? This is one of the biggest questions that hovers around Silicon Valley these days. The electronic giant is definitely exploring other business opportunities beside making phones and the automotive industry offers many profitable opportunities. And a recent report from Reuters suggests that Apple is committed to winning a piece of the cake by taking advantage of the electric trend.

Therefore, if a car project seems a far-fetched one for Apple, developing an infrastructure for electric vehicles and related software sounds a more plausible business direction. Or, maybe, both are on the table. According to sources, Apple is now asking charging station companies about their underlying technology and even hired at least four specialists on electric and charging development, including some former BMW and Apple experts.

As electric cars are expected to get a serious boost in demand in coming years, the charging network will have to be expanded accordingly and Apple will have then many partners to sell its technology to. But Reuters’ sources believe that the move could be easily related to Apple’s Titan programme. “It would be natural to assume if Apple is going to have a full battery electric vehicle that creates a seamless consumer experience the way Apple does, the charging infrastructure and its availability would be of paramount importance,” the source said.

Via Reuters