Five years ago, when Google said it was ready to develop and produce autonomous cars, the auto industry was left in confusion and curiosity. Now, when Apple is reportedly preparing an electric car, the automakers are prepared.

Back in 2010, almost no traditional carmaker understood why the Internet search giant would want to develop what we now know as self-driving vehicles. In just five years, the answer became crystal clear and the companies responded by rushing themselves to develop their own autonomous projects. Now Apple, the largest of Silicon Valley giants, seems ready to give the industry another big jolt – only that today carmakers are way better prepared to handle the shock. Even if Apple’s reported secretive, hundreds of people worth, electric-car codenamed “Project Titan,” would not even come to fruition, the auto industry is geared towards another big push.

While the company – valued at around $745 billion after the news about the project broke out – has not commented in any way on the sidelines of the project, CEO Tim Cook did comment at an investment conference in San Francisco: “We’ve taken iOS and we’ve extended it into your car, your home, into your health,” referring to the software used for iPhones, iPads and upcoming Apple Watches. “All of these are really critical parts of your life. We want one seamless kind of life. I think that’s huge for our future.”

Apple already has an offering for the car industry – the CarPlay, a system that is not embedded and can give seamless access to an iPhone’s navigation, music and messaging apps onto the car’s built-in screen, with the tech already coming out in numerous models this year.

Via Automotive News Europe



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