Apple could sell its car in the next 5 years, analyst says image

The consumer electronics giant might start selling its first ever car sometime around 2020 or 2021, an analyst focused on the company told to Apple Car Fans.

There is not much info about the “ultra-secretive” Apple car, as the company is keeping its Project Titan in a secure vault. The consumer electronics giant is believed to be working on a vehicle that would combine electric powertrain and autonomous driving technologies, but that is about it when it comes to the knowledge on the matter. It is not a sure thing that Apple wants to build a car, but it definitely plans something major. There were a few alleged drawbacks lately, as it was rumored that an impressive number of as many as 1,000 employees planned to quit the company and some top management were disappointed and annoyed by the development of Apple’s automotive project.

But one of the most respected Apple financial analysts, Gene Munster, told to Apple Car Fans that the car was coming and the reason behind it was the company’s need to further grow. From its current top position in the electronics market, Apple does not have enough room to make even bigger profit and the automotive industry is a segment which can be heavily explored in terms of earnings. He also believes Apple will not solely build the car and it will outsource most of the project. Munster predicts the vehicle will finally emerge around 2019-2020, but would be delivered no sooner than 2021 for a price tag “around 75,000 dollars”

Via Apple Car Fans