Apple just registered some auto-related domains image

It seems that Apple is planning something big, as the company has registered three car-related domain names.

According to MacRumors, the database of registered domain names, Whois, shows that Apple has registered, and The updated records come from 8 January, revealing that the Cupertino-based company registered the domains through MarkMonitor Inc. last month, although they are not active yet. This new info does not particularly confirm that Apple will definitely build an electric car, but the rumors mill is spinning again in this direction. The names are likely to be related to CarPlay, a software which expands rapidly throughout the automotive industry, but the speculations around Apple’s intentions to build its first car cannot be ignored. The consumer electronics giant which is being rumored to have such plans for some time now, received the permission to triple the employees count for the project known as “Titan”, from the current 600-people team, according to some people familiar with company’s plans.

These rumors are also fueled by Apple’s recruitment strategy, as it hired engineers from automakers like Tesla, Ford, GM, and also from Samsung or A123 Systems. And not to mention a report from the British newspaper The Guardian from last year, in which it was said that Apple met with officials from the GoMentum Station, an US army facility that has been turned into a testing ground for self-driving cars and connected auto technologies, featuring miles of paved highways and city streets including overpasses, tunnels and railroad crossings. Another report from The Wall Street Journal has stated the company is speeding up the heavy work in an effort to accelerate the development process on its electric auto, the new target for the first shipments being forwarded to 2019.

Via MacRumors