From now on you can have your Apple CarPlay send you directly to an electric vehicle charger, because Apple has now embedded its built-in navigation app with EVSE information for Europe, starting with Great Britain.

This mirrors the same move done in the United States since late last year, with the UK charging data taken from Moovility, a company owned by Cirrantic and based in Munich, Germany. Moovility is already presenting EVSEs for other countries on its website, so we can imagine the company will have CarPlay showing them soon, as well. This would soon put them at least on par with the CarStations app and Google Maps.

“We think that consistent, live information of the growing charger infrastructure increases the confidence of EV drivers and, especially with Apple Maps, attracts new user groups to sustainable mobility offerings like EV cars. In the U.K. we started with supporting the major charger operators, including Podpoint, CYC, Ecotricity, NPower and NewMotion. Any interested operator is welcome to set up a connection with us,” said the CEO of Cirrantic, Arne Meusel. In addition to the EV updates, which are going to be useful to owners of such vehicles in the never-ending quest to quench range anxiety, the Apple Maps update also included bike rental locations for the London, Paris, and New York maps.

Via Bloomberg


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