Apple Maps Three Times More Likely to Get You Lost Compared With Google Maps image

Crowdsourcing company Crowdflower discovered that if you use Apple Maps you are three times more likely to get lost than with Google Maps.

It seems that the controversial dispute between Apple Maps and Google Maps will not end too soon, so the crowdsourcing company Crowdflower decided to take a closer look at the difference between the two softwares and see exactly what the differences between them are. So the company took a look at directions to 100 businesses in the UK and 1,000 more in the US.

The steps followed were these: find the exact location of the business from its website, search the business name and the city in the Apple Maps and Google Maps and compare the results. The conclusion is that for UK businesses Google had an accuracy of 91%, followed by Bing with 57% and Apple with 47%.

“In the U.K., the phone book starts to look like a real option,” Crowdflower said regarding Apple Maps’ low coverage of businesses there.

When it comes to major error rate in the US, Google had a 1.1% rate, Bing 1.3%, while Apple hit the jackpot with 30%. Therefore Apple Maps’ users in the US will have a 71% change of getting at the right destination, Google 88% and Bing 78%.

“Apple Maps in the U.S. is bad enough to be noticeable,” Crowdflower said. “You probably won’t throw away your iPhone, although you may miss a dinner reservation.”