Apple plans to integrate Foursquare local data into its mapping app, part of the company’s plan to take on Google.

According to anonymous sources the two companies had preliminary talks over the past weeks. Apple has been talking with several companies that collect local data as it plans to improve its new mapping app which received a rocky reception when it was released this past fall.

Foursquare is known for its popular mobile app, by which people find local places and can tell their friends when they are at venues such as restaurants, bars or cinemas. The app has also gathered business listings and collects data about these places’ popularity. After Apple relied for years on Google’s data for iPhone’s mapping app, now it focuses on such local-data providers, to get customers use its Maps and Siri products and bypass search services like Google.

Although Apple’s Maps had a tough beginning, a deal with the company could be a hit for Foursquare, which is one of the first mobile apps which popularized checking into locations from a mobile phone. But Foursquare’s business slowed, especially after Facebook launched a similar feature.


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