Apple puts a former Tesla engineer in charge of its secret car project image

According to a recent report, Apple hired Tesla’s former vice president of vehicle engineering to supervise the company’s car mission.

There are so many rumours around Apple’s electric car project that every piece of news is to be taken lightly. And the best example is that of the tech giant’s vehicle being developed in a secret underground German laboratory, as a local publication reported this week. But the programme has been reportedly left without a supervisory mind from January. Steve Zadesky, the man in charge of Apple’s electric car development for the last two years, who previously worked with the iPod and iPhone teams, stepped down for personal reasons. The company now seems to have found a replacement for Zadesky, namely Chris Porritt, a former Tesla Motors vice president of vehicle engineering, according to the online technology website Electrek and its sister publication 9to5Mac.

Before coming to Silicon Valley, Porritt worked at Land Rover and moved latter to Aston Martin as a chief engineer. His CV is quite impressive, as he was credited with making some iconic models, including the One-77, the V12 Zagato and Aston Martin DB9. Afterwards, Porritt was supposedly involved in developing both the Model S and X platforms, as well as the Model 3 chassis.

But the main questions remain: what exactly is Apple working on and why is there such a secrecy around the whole project? One thing is somehow certain by now: the fact that the consumer electronics giant apparently plans to develop its dream car on its own and it wants to keep these plans very close to its chest, as it did not actively look for a partner within the automotive industry.

Via Electrek