Apple’s car project not going so smoothly after all, people say image

Even if Apple keeps on working on its secret car, some insiders say that many employees are not so happy with the development of the project.

Just a few days back, Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche said to a German paper that he was impressed by the progress made by Apple and Google on their autonomous projects, impressions gathered by him after a recent trip to Silicon Valley. However, one important member of Apple’s “open secret” car project, reportedly dubbed Titan, said an impressive number of as many as 1,000 employees planned to quit the company. In addition, reports from Silicon Valley revealed that another top management member was quite disappointed and annoyed by the development of Apple’s automotive project. Also, another veteran linked to the development of the iPhone reportedly “expressed his displeasure” with the current progress, according to AppleInsider. The publication also said that the company was massively hiring staff for Project Titan.

This news coincidently comes at the same time with other reports revealing that Steve Zadesky – the man in charge of Apple’s electric car program for the last two years – is rumored to leave the company. Zadesky, who previously worked with the iPod and iPhone teams, is stepping out for personal reasons not related to his performance, Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

The consumer electronics giant did not come upfront until now with details about its vehicle, but some insiders hint the company may be partnering with BMW on its battery-car brand “i.”, rumors based on Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook’s visit to the Bavarian maker headquarters back in 2014. Apple is believed to be working on a car that would combine electric powertrain and autonomous driving technologies.

Via The Detroit Bureau