Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto taking charge in connected car race image

Apple and Google are poised to take their dominance war to the automotive industry and are in for platform battle in the latest major hardware category – connected autos.

We all know how the two technology behemoths have developed the operating-system extensions for the vehicle infotainment systems: the CarPlay and Android Auto. They seamlessly connect the driver’s smartphone to the dashboard in a way that the car mimics the mobile device’s functions, albeit in a less cluttered and distraction free manner. Both technology firms unveiled the two systems last year and automakers are now rolling them out on their new and updated models.

According to a BI Intelligence forecast, by the start of the next decade almost 40 million vehicles will use Android Auto and 37.1 million will swing in CarPlay’s favor- which is around the total of connected car services at that moment. The connected car – which in the future might evolve to having all vehicles networked together and communicating information – ahs become the single most important new digital platform, turning it into a crucial battlefield for Google and Apple. With 220 million connected cars worldwide on the roads in 2020, around 88 million will use connected services – as the two systems enable drivers to use a selection of their smartphone apps directly through the vehicle’s infotainment hub. They offer both access to native apps and an additional selection to third-party apps, which are poised to surge much in the same way they did for the smartphones. For Apple and Google, that means increased brand loyalty, surging revenues from additional features and even more information on the consumer’s behavior.

Via Business Insider