Apple’s CarPlay expected to pick up pace in 2015 image

The Cupertino-based technology giant has recently unveiled (it was long overdue, we might add) after a tiresome wait its first foray into the rising world of smartwatches – but during the same event more importantly some news about the CarPlay also perspired.

Apple’s on-board vehicle infotainment software system has had a sluggish first year, with rather few automakers joining the pack and providing it as an option for their latest and greatest models. It looks like 2015 could be the year the system establishes itself in the world, with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announcing during the Spring Forward event in San Francisco that every single major automaker has now expressed commitment to deliver vehicles that can be equipped with the CarPlay infotainment system, almost a year to the date since the software was introduced to the world.

Apple’s CarPlay acts as software embedded into a car’s normal infotainment system and allows the seamless connection of an iPhone smartphone to the former, taking over in the process the car’s dashboard display and interfacing a driver-oriented and simplified version of the company’s iOS 8 operating system. CarPlay features seamless interaction with the audio and audio-streaming services, messages, maps and phone functions of the iPhone and prevents the driver from entering the more distracting apps and functions of the smartphone. According to the executive, more than 40 new car models will have the system enabled before the end of the year.

As the market for connected autos is expected to explode, both Apple and its largest mobile rival – Google – have proposed their own takes on the interaction between smartphone, driver and vehicle in the form of Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

Via Cnet