Apps that can morph the way you drive image

Almost anyone today has a smartphone and tablet. And the technology sector is particularly keen on entering the world of the automotive industry. So… let them and reap the benefits.

We have been driving cars long before cell phones were invented but the “nephew” has come to influence the “granny” in a way no one could have predicted. And having the latest vehicle with a myriad of technologies and a price to match is not always the best solution. We can upgrade our “granny” car with fresh “blood” by simply using applications. You could need the free app GasBuddy – it will deliver live updates of gas prices from other drivers, enabling the most bang for the buck. Or you could choose to have the gas brought to your vehicle – Purple – does that, albeit for now only in Los Angeles.

An application that comes with a toll – $99.95 – is Automatic. For the price it delivers a match-box sized plugin under the dash that will deliver incredible information about your car – from engine diagnosis to where the car is located in the parking lot or how hard you last hit the brakes. If safety is of primary concern, try iOnRoad – an application that will warn you if you start to tailgate or if you drift out of your lane. RepairPal will come at handy for those unfortunate times when the beloved ride needs some one-on-one time with the mechanic. And before reaching the repair shop you might get stranded on the side of the road, so Honk will be there to help you reach out to a towing company or call for roadside assistance. Is your daily commute too long? Use renowned navigation app Waze that can deliver real-time traffic info to help you avoid those nasty traffic congestion areas.

Via Business Insider