April Fools day Pranks: Meet the BMW M3 Pickup image

First of April is continuing at BMW. The automaker has officially taken the wraps off the M3 pickup.
BMW says the car is as aerodynamic as the M3 Coupe, has a top speed of 186mph and unlike any other car in the M series range, it can carry up to 20 golf bags and comes with a tow bar.

The M3 pickup comes with a 309 kW/420 PS (414 bhp) power plant and a rear payload capacity of 450 kg – which sounds realistic enough.

The kerb weight of the world’s fastest pickup undercuts that of the BMW M3 Convertible by around 50 kg, and removing the Targa roof shaves off a further 20 kg while at the same time lowering the car’s centre of gravity.


Notwithstanding these unquestionable stand-out qualities, the BMW M3 Pickup will not be heading for the golf course or series development, but will retain its status as an exclusive one-off. It is earmarked for use as a workshop transport vehicle for BMW M GmbH.