April sales rise in Canada, with Chrysler and Ford fighting for top spot image

As increased demand for the truck models and luxury brands increased industry sales by 4% over the same period of last year, automakers reported good Canadian sales.

Light trucks and SUV’s managed once more to gain the upper hand on passenger car sales, although in the US neighbor the prices for gasoline continue to rise. Among the passenger cars, hybrids – which achieve better fuel autonomy by using both a gasoline engine and an electric motor – also sold very well.

Chrysler Canada reported its 53rd consecutive month of year-over-year increases, reaching a 6% growth in April, to 27,212 cars – with truck sales rising 22% to 24,229 units, as car sales fell 49% to 2,983 vehicles.

“This month’s results marked the best April sales on record at Chrysler Canada in the last quarter of a century,” Chief Operating Officer Dave Buckingham said in a statement. “Leading the pack are our Jeep and Ram products.”

The April leader was Ford though, which managed to narrowly defeat Chrysler even as its sales fell 2% – to 27,342 vehicles because of truck sales declines. Ford broke records for its Escape and Explorer SUV’s and some hybrid models.

General Motors came third with 25,435 vehicles, aided by strong gains at the Chevrolet core brand. Toyota Canada came fourth with a 2.9 rise to 20,663 vehicles.

Meanwhile, many luxury brands posted double digit growth – like Infiniti, which jumped close to 40%, Land Rover – which gained 26% or Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Porsche all rising around 15%.

Via Reuters