Are Electric Cars The Car Of The Future? image

There is a lot of talk about the growth of commercial electric car manufacture and some people say it is the car of the future, but how willing are motorists to give up on their petrol or diesel models?

There are of course pros and cons to both type of car purchase and there are some cars that are hybrid between the new cleaner electric models and the traditional diesel and petrol cars, but will the full electric versions ever surpass the sale of the old combustion engine?

Price – Initially, electric cars were a lot more expensive than the petrol/diesel counterparts as they covered a very niche market. But now the notion has become more mainstream, and more and more people are looking to buy them, their price has come down substantially.

Many of electric cars remain at a premium price but with the decrease of road tax for electric engines coupled with how easy it is to sell your old car with for example, it may pay off in the long run to purchase an electric car, especially with the drastically decreased running costs.

Environment – Obviously the environment is a factor, it is well documented that electric cars are much greener to run and maintain than the alternative but is that enough of a pull?

The raised social responsibility covering environmental issues has been substantial in recent years but it would seem that environmental factors alone are not enough to attract every motorist.

Style – There is a lot of stigma about the style of new electric cars. Not all of them were particularly aesthetically pleasing when the first electric cars were brought to commission, which wasn’t an issue for the hard core fans, but many consumers were put off.

But, just as the price issue has become diluted as has the style and there are many manufacturers making more and more stylish vehicles within their electric or at least hybrid ranges.

Power – It is well documented that electric cars, in general are much less powerful than electric and diesel engines. This may sound like a good thing for society in general but the real petrol heads will be more than put off by this factor.

The growth of popularity in electric cars has been fairly rapid in recent years and it would seem as though the price and environmental factors are the biggest contributors to this trend. Whether or not we are looking at a future that sees the electric car as king remains to be seen, some motorists may take a lot of convincing.