Are you the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX? image

A leaked image showing a racing modified Ferrari LaFerrari is making us believe that this is the racing spec version of the hybrid supercar.

The development of a track focused Ferrari LaFerrari, the so-called LaFerrari FXX, or the LaFXX, is no longer a surprise as the model in question is believed to be officially unveiled over the next few months but it seems that work on it is far more advanced than originally believed, considering the fact that it has been spotted with no camouflage on its body. The image posted above has a low resolution so it’s pretty hard to see what this is about, but even so, it’s looking like a beefed up LaFerrari.

According to, the model in question has new racing wheels on, which have replaced the standard 5-spoke ones, and the vehicle has been equipped with Lexan side windows. The new Ferrari LaFerrari FXX, or whatever its name will be, will get a significant weight reduction by removing its premium features, so expect a stripped out interior with only a single racing seat, or two seats, at the most. Power might be standing at more than the current 950 HP. More details on the supercar remain unknown for the moment.