Are you waiting for Perodua Alza? We’re having good news for you!! image

Perodua has recently appraised the car lovers’ patience and the continuous and intense efforts in production of cars have earned greater success as the Company has boosted the capacity of production remarkably which in turn will reduce the waiting period.

So, if you are asked to wait for Alza for 2 months, now you will be finding your Alza in just 3 weeks. The remarkable production growth is credited to the efficient and energetic engineers and the entire unit.
While attending a press conference for this announcement, the Managing Director Aminar Rashid Salleh said that,

Within these past few weeks, the MPC production has been raised. We are already having 35,000 bookings from which we already have delivered 20,000 units of Alza. We are targeting 4,000 units per month for the newest model. This could be one of the platinum phases of our car sales as in April, 15,900 units were sold off which accounted 33.9% of the total market share based on Total Industry Volume. This is more than our target of 15,500 units. The pleasure and cherish gets doubled with the fact that this figure is 29.4% higher than the sales of April last year”!

Even in past month, the sales of Perodua were noted as 18,500 units which raise the morale of the company on seventh sky. The Company is one of the top rated names in cars industry of Malaysia. The hot stuff of these cars in Malaysia is Myvi. This is the car that is awarded as best selling models in the country with 6,300 units. The market share of the company has also increased from 32.9% in March to 33.9% in April. The race of achieving the targets of 176,000 units this year is still on and the company is marching towards the goal quite smartly and successfully.

The targeted selling units upto April were 59,900 and they have already sold 63,700 units which has made the Management and also the entire unit of the Company cheered with joy.