Ariel Atom’s Aero-P concept has downforce increasing fans image

The company has decided to play with its concept of minimalist approach by fitting to the new Aero-P concept a raft of fans that suck the air to make it stick to the road whenever downforce is necessary.

We all know and love the Ariel Atom because of Top Gear’s Clarkson portrayal but there’s so much more going on with the hyper-minimalist design that ditches a normal body in favor of the exposed frame. The new Aero-P concept has the brand coming up with new ways of making it even faster while still keeping up the same styling. The idea comes from banned racecars and has fans that glue the vehicle to the road. The Aero-P has two high-speed electric fans underneath the car, as well as rubber skirts around the vehicle’s underside. They only work when suction would be most needed – standing start, braking, or cornering. “When the system is turned on the car visibly squats on the ground so you can see it working, which is pretty exciting,” said Ariel Director Simon Saunders.

The idea came to be due to the close limits in terms of mechanical grip, so the team had to think of different ways to improve traction and acceleration – having a wing out back would have solved the issue, but it also resulted in more drag, less fuel economy and lower top speed. The Aero-P is for now just a proof of technology and it’s also in early development stages.