Ariel Motors, manufacturer of the Atom sports car, has announced the intention to move into the superbike production starting from next year.

According to AutoCar UK, the rumor has been confirmed by Simon Saunders, Arial Boss, who also said that the new superbike will be powered by a Honda engine.

“It has no negatives to production of the cars and the two will be built in the same philosophy”, said Saunders to our colleagues over at AutoCar, who is also a bike enthusiast.

Ariel already has its roots in the bike production and the engines provided by Honda also power the Atom sports car.

According to AutoCar, Ariel will manufacture somewhere around 100 – 200 superbikes every year and each model will be hand made to customer’s specifications, with the company ensuring that every bike will be unique.

If the Atom is Ariel’s idea of a car, considering its unbelievable performance, than the superbike will probably have no rival.


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