Arm surgery for Arrivabene before Barcelona image

May 7 (GMM/ Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene has headed to Barcelona just a few days after undergoing surgery under general anaesthetic.

That is the news of renowned Ferrari insider Leo Turrini, who said the 58-year-old Italian is likely to be wearing a sling ahead of the Spanish grand prix.

In Bahrain, insiders had already noticed that Arrivabene, in his first season as Ferrari team boss, had his left wrist strapped.

On his right arm, Arrivabene wears an eye-catching tattoo, but that is not the only reason the similarly-decorated Kimi Raikkonen likes his new boss.

“Maurizio is exactly the guy that Ferrari needed,” the Finn told CNN. “He’s a very hard-working guy and very fair but if something is not correct he will tell you.”

Arrivabene’s repaired arm will not be the only new Ferrari component in Barcelona.

Turrini said “70 per cent” of the SF15-T car has been renewed for the first race of the European season, with only the front of the car to be recognisable.

“It’s a well-known fact that all the teams turn up for the first European race with practically new cars compared to what we saw in Bahrain,” confirmed Ferrari’s strategy chief Inaki Rueda ahead of Barcelona.