Armored Hyundai Equus targets dictators image

The South Korean based automaker Hyundai has recently unveiled an armored version of the Equus, even if the model isn’t quite new.

If you’re a dictator or a drug lord and you’re surfing the web in search of a new armored vehicle which will make you stand out from a crowd filled with other dictators driving armored Mercedes-Benz, Audi or BMW vehicles than you have come to the right place because you would have never thought in a million years that your chauffeur can get behind the wheel of a Hyundai. And it’s not just any regular Hyundai. In fact it’s an armored Equus entering a highly competitive segment dominated by Germans, that of armored vehicles.

The armored Hyundai Equus pictured below has been recently unveiled by the South Korean based automaker and, even if the model isn’t what you might call “new”, this is still an interesting “touch” in the segment. Armored Hyundai Equus vehicles aren’t new and in fact the carmaker has made the first one before you saw your regular Equus version in your local dealership in the United States. The model has been donated to the South Korean president for everyday use. Details on this new armored Equus remain unknown for the moment.