ArmorTech to build the new ZIL limo image

What is more surprising than the news that Limousine is going to add a new member in its family? Well, it seems fabulous isn’t it?

Though the details are limited, but we have something great to offer to our readers. A new ZIL limousine is about to make its way in the automotive world and to build this awe-inspiring car, a company named ArmorTech has been assigned. Nevertheless, ArmorTech is not new anymore; it has already worked on the stretched Bentley Mulsanne and is now vigorously set to build the heart of millions – The Limousine.

As per the limited information, there are possibilities that the ZIL model will be based on the Mercedes S-Class, a leading European luxury car. Since the vehicle has a common factor besides luxury that lures every individual, it will keep up that touch through the highest level of comfort as well as safety. About the vehicle’s features, two wheelbases are eventually planned where the longer version can let 4 passengers to sit comfortably in its rear seating compartment.

Those who still adore the older limos will definitely love this new variant since the past ZIL limos will be the inspiration to this new ZIL limo. No Doubt, check out the sketch of this new vehicle and imagine whether or not it will tempt you to at least have a glimpse of it in real, if not a drive. After watching the sketch, one can expect that this limo will get a massive grille, a slab-sided profile, and a compact greenhouse. If you are wondering when it will get unveiled, then we must ask you to have little more patience until we bring out some crispy news to you.

By Sunita Mandal