Arnold Schwarzenegger driving his Unimog in Los Angeles image

The famous Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been recently spotted while driving and then parking his large Unimog on the streets of Los Angeles, with his son in the passenger’s seat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his car passion and everybody knows that he loves his Hummer H1 vehicles. At some point, Arnold Schwarzenegger has owned up to 5 different Hummer H1s but it seems that these days, the famous actor has taken his passion for large vehicles to a whole new level, after buying himself a large Unimog. Schwarzenegger has been seen driving his new “car” on the streets of Los Angeles and then trying to find a parking space.

We must admit that the Unimog is suiting Arnold even better than the Hummer H1 and, even if this might look like a cheap vehicle, it isn’t, because the former Governor had to pay a lot of money for his new ride: 250,000 USD. The expensive Unimog wasn’t even road legal in the United States and it had to be modified by a German company named Mertec. We wish we could have seen the valet’s facial expression when Arnold asked for his “car” back.