Arnold Schwarzenegger gets Unimog image

The famous Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently bought himself a new ride, a Unimog, which will replace his Hummer H1 vehicles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t need any introduction and he is well known for his Hummer H1 love, and, at some point, it was known that he actually owned five such vehicles. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is moving on from the Hummer H1 to something even larger, (yes, that’s possible) and his new vehicle is named the Unimog. We must admit that the Hummer H1 suited Arnold Schwarzenegger quite well and, even this sounds weird in some ways, the Unimog is suiting him even better.

The former Governor had to pay a lot of money for his new ride and what you can see in the image posted above had cost him 250,000 USD. But the expensive Unimog wasn’t road legal in the United States and this had to be modified b a German company named Mertec. The Unimog in question is coming with some huge wheels and an equally-massive bulbar, making this an impressive vehicle. Our opinion is that considering his love for the H1, Arnold has chosen quite well. What do you think?