Just discussing the most recent examples, Continental and Oxford University have joined forces on such a project, while BMW – world’s largest luxury automaker – and IBM are also partnering to setup machine learning for future cars.

BMW and US technology behemoth IBM will work together to develop artificial intelligence technology for future use in upcoming models of the company. Researchers and engineers form BMW are now present at IBM’s Munich headquarters for development work on the latter’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IBM’s Watson cognitive system, which can learn from and pass back intelligence into the physical world, will be further developed for intended use in automotive products. BWM has also delivered to IBM a total of four i8 models to be used as prototypes for the testing of the new artificial intelligence systems.

The systems will operate on IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform, which IBM thinks will allow Watson to enhance a driver’s connection with the vehicle. The technology is based on machine learning to allow a car to better understand the needs and desires of its user so it can then alter the systems and cabin experience to better suit the preferences. Even more, thanks to upgraded voice control technology the drivers will deliver commands through conventional conversation instead of the usual set phrases.



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