Arturo Vidal crashes Ferrari 458 while DUI image

Juventus’ football player Arturo Vidal has managed to crash his personal Ferrari 458 Italia in Chile recently after, according to the local media, he was driving under the influence.

Arturo Vidal is currently on a wave, he is playing for Juventus and Arsenal and Real Madrid are interested in his “services”. The football player is also a Chilean international but with faith and money problems will be following shortly. According to the local media, Arturo Vidal was DUI in Santiago recently when he lost control of the wheel of his Ferrari 458 Italia and slammed another vehicle.

The impact was severe and the Italian exotic vehicle has left the road. Happily, the football player was not badly injured and he was treated at a nearby hospital. He was then taken to the police station for questioning, where he remained for 24 hours and he will face a local judge on Wednesday. Vidal will appear in court at 10 a.m., local time, but he is expected to be released on bail. The local media is stating that the football player was driving on a highway south of the Chilean capital, back from a casino, with his wife on the passenger seat. The images posted below are showing damages made to the front left side of the Ferrari 458 Italia and the airbags deployed. Hopefully the vehicle will be salvaged because it really doesn’t need to go out like this.