Asia is very interested in autonomous vehicles image

According to industry observers, analysts and experts, vehicle owners in the emerging automotive markets of Asia have increased expectations when it comes to the futuristic self-driving vehicle technology.

Although safety concerns about the potential equipment failure still exist, “recent advances in autonomous vehicle technology have helped bring self-driving vehicles to the forefront of public interest,” comments Brandon Schoettle of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

He added that autonomous models are now universally seen as the ultimate expression of connected-vehicle technology, an area that has seen rising interest from automakers, suppliers and government legislators. Experts present during the Global Auto Forum in China that took place last month forecast the world’s largest auto market as an early leadership contender when it comes to the use and deployment of the futuristic autonomous vehicle technology. That’s especially true among the generation of young Chinese consumers – which are highly interested in any technical advancement. And the government is also becoming increasingly aware of the prospects that the technology could enhance safety and lower congestion in China’s sprawling megacities. During the Intelligent Transportations Systems World Congress in Detroit, Singapore and India were also named as major drivers in adoption of sophisticated technology designed to improve transportation networks.