Aston Martin and Red Bull have recently announced their wide ranging technical partnership that would also span a future hypercar set to become the new “benchmark” of the auto industry.

And while we’re used to having to rely on the rumor mill for months after such announcements, this time around Aston and Red Bull have decided to deliver themselves initial details concerning the project that has been codenamed “Project AM-RB 001”. According to Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer their objective is to develop this hypercar to be faster around any Formula One circuit than a Formula One car! In order to accomplish this feat, the AM-RB 001 will of course deploy technology developed inside Formula One and have a mid-engine format. There’s still no word on the powertrain powering this hypercar but Palmer commented about it as being an “awesome engine.”

The executive also hinted the production would be severely limited – to just 99 examples – and those who already purchased the Aston Martin Vulcan would have priority orders. The rest would be sold on a first arrival, first served basis – the starting price is yet to be revealed but Palmer did say it would be way more than one million dollars. Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey also talked about the project, calling it “quite a compact car” that would deploy a copious amount of carbon fiber and aluminum. In terms of safety it would be able to pass the same crash tests as per used for F1 cars and while appears to be focused on the track, it will be able to deliver “extreme performance” but still remain comfortable enough to be used during rush hour in the city.



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