Aston chief believes Daimler and new crossover could be crucial image

Aston Martin is the last Mohican among ultra-luxury automakers, still independent and without the backing of a powerful global constructor. The company’s chief executive now believes the partnership with Daimler and adding a crossover model could be crucial for the brand’s survival and expansion.

The British marquee will develop and build two new architectures for its current model lineup generational change, as well as introduce a first of its kind crossover model and use its technology partnership with Germany’s Daimler in a six-year strategy that would see the 100-year-old brand become profitable. “In the first century we went bankrupt seven times, ” commented chief executive officer Andy Palmer. “The second century is about making sure that is not the case.” The company seeks a return to profit sometimes during the revival strategy, one of the most important elements being the carmaker’s first sport utility model, which is scheduled for a release sometimes in 2019. The crossover has been already previewed by the all-wheel-drive DBX concept shown during March’s Geneva motor show.

Palmer is the former Nissan chief planning officer and took over the leading position at Aston last September, with the executive saying the sport ute would be supported by a new sedan and a third model – all of them riding on one of the new platforms currently in development. Before any of these new cars reach showrooms, Aston is scheduled to complete its new sports car architecture that is going to bring the replacements for the long-overdue three-model range. The first arrival is targeted for September 2016.

Via Automotive News Europe