Once again, Aston Martin and Zagato (Italian design house) are collaborating for a new project car. It’s been 50 long years after the unveiling of the astonishing DB4GT Zagato.

This new and attractive car will make its first appearance at the Villa D-Este concours in Italy on May 21. Following this debut, the car will then make its racing debut on May 28 at Nürburgring endurance race. Aston Martin wants to measure the initial customer reaction which will give them a brief outline of the demand for this car following the production car in 2012.

Adding to this initial success, CEO Ulrich Bez has said that the DNA of both Aston Martin and Zagato were combined successfully to create the world’s most desirable collector cars in the past. In this special occasion, something special should happen to make this 50th anniversary memorable. So it will be a perfect time to explore a modern collaboration through the DB4GT Zagato.

In the year 1961, the DB4GT Zagato was debuted as a racecar. This debut was followed after a preview in late 1960 that was held at the London motor show. At the end, Aston Martin built total 19 cars to fulfill the customer order. Today, the joint venture of Aston Martin and Zagato is considered as among the more exclusive and successful automotive partnerships in the past half century.

Written by Sunita Mandal


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