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Aston Martin, the British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers has updated its lineup for 2016 with new equipment and trim levels.

For 2016 Aston Martin will offer all models the “Vanquish” style infotainment system (AMI) – so we do have now much cleaner screen, the possibility to change the background of the screen and even to customize what to see on the screen.  In addition to that there’s a new Power&Torque screen where you can see in real time how the car is doing in terms of power performance – acceleration times, how much power you still have left, etc.




2016 DB9 GT – this is the best of DB9.

Same engine as in the standard Aston Martin DB9, but in the GT the engine produces 547 PS at 6750 rpm – same gearbox ( the rear mid-mounted Touchtronic II six-speed transmission ) but this time the car accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, and reaches a  top speed of 183 mph. In terms of suspension – as expected, owners will have the possibility to adjust the dampers from Normal to Sport and Track mode for the best possible dynamic characteristics.


Black painted splitter and diffuser, small GT badges and new ten-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels together with options like carbon fiber tail lamp inserts make the car look unique.


AM_NTC_16MY_launch_event-150 AM_NTC_16MY_launch_event-151 AM_NTC_16MY_launch_event-028 AM_NTC_16MY_launch_event-160 AM_NTC_16MY_launch_event-164

For the interior Aston Martin is introducing the Copper Cuprum (real cupper!) and Ice Mocha finishes for the central console and we do now have a steering wheel that looks almost similar to the one found in the One77.

2016 Vantage and 2016 Rapide S
Just some minor updates here – new wheels are available (graphite / diamond-turned ten-spoke alloy wheels) Bluetooth which previously was optional is now standard, and of course the AMi II infotainment system with the Power&Torque screen .

2016 Aston Martin Power Screen-076

For 16MY Rapide S Bang and Olufsen sound system is now available as an optional. Yes, it costs some money but sounds fantastic – probably the best audio system that you can have.

N430 – the racing focused car

For 16MY, satellite navigation, Bluetooth and cruise control are standard now. Californian Poppy interior accent is now available for Vantage N430.




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Lagonda Taraf luxury sedan
The car uses a carbon fiber body (with the exception of the bonnet) and sits on the VH architecture but for this super luxurious model Aston  was able to stretch the platform by 20 cm and according to the product manager, all that extra length will go to the customers in the rear seats.



Under the bonnet there is the 6.0 liter V12 engine that delivers 537 hp – 50/50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive and at the back there’s a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

The car rides a little bit softer compared to the Rapide, but Aston offers the three-stage Adaptive Damping System (ADS) that comes with three distinct Normal, Sport and Track modes.

What’s interesting is that the weight of the car is equal to the one of the Rapide; Aston Martin calls this “weight-neutral to a Rapide”.

New options available just for the Lagonda Taraf: iPad media system and in the boot there’s a “media box” that can stream 4G signal for up to 10 devices.


The global market introduction of 16MY sports cars begins in quarter three of 2015, with more details on market-specific pricing and options available in due course.

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