Aston Martin allows you to buy a new DB4 GT image

There’s a new spirit in town – besides the one bringing merry thoughts – automakers rekindling great success lines from the past and reworking them into exclusive and expensive pieces of memorabilia.

We’ve seen Jaguar and AC doing it with famous models from their roster and now Aston Martin is joining the fray, allowing certain clients to buy a new Aston Martin DB4 GT – if they can spare almost $2 million and don’t regret only using it on the track. So, in other words, get ready for a limited continuation run of one of Aston’s most iconic vehicles – the DB4 GT, which had a run of just 75 examples between 1959 and 1963, costing just £5,000 ($6,288) when new. The company is certainly not going to sell them at a bargain – with a continuation run of 25 examples costing £1.5 million a pop. They’re also going to be reserved exclusively for track use and the special VIN number is actually picking up from the last 1963 example.

Under the hood Aston will deliver a Tadek Marek-designed straight six-cylinder engine churning out a good Tadek Marek-designed straight six-cylinder engine , linked to a four-speed David Brown manual gearbox, and the model will have a tubular frame with an independent front suspension. They will also have a few modern amenities – FIA-spec roll cage, fire extinguisher and seatbelts. And it should be a track bomb – with the model tipping the scales at just 2,706 pounds (1,227 kilograms).