According to media reports, Aston Martin has extended the deal for the engine supply with Ford.

By extending the agreement Aston martin has ensured the supply of Cologne-built V8 and V12 engines for the following 5 years. This means that the VH platform that underpins the automaker’s core model line-up of Vanquish, DB9 and Vantage, will be manufactured for 5 years more at least. The automaker did not comment on the news.

In May, according to media reports, Daimler and Aston martin are in discussions for a technical assistance and components supply deal. The idea about this partnership sparked in 2012 when Investindustrial purchased a 37.5% stake in Aston Martin, worth £150 million.

Daimler’s Silke Walters is reported to have said: “While both sides know and respect each other very much, no decisions have been made.”

In order to expand globally Aston Martin has to work together with a mainstream automaker, to reduce car prices and development costs. Only then will Aston Martin be able to compete with Bentley and Porsche, which are supported by VW, and Maserati and Ferrari, supported by Fiat.



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