Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing introduce the AM-RB 001 image

Ladies and gentlemen, the hypercar we’ve all been waiting for – the modern successor to the McLaren F1 – has been officially presented by the British automaker and the Austrian racing team.

Following months of rumors and very little details to go about – we didn’t even have a leak from the official closed door presentation with potential affluent clients – Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have given up the secrecy (executives from all over the world, learn this) in one take and revealed the design of the AM-RB 001 hypercar. Still, collectors and all those wealthy aficionados will have to curb their enthusiasm because the hypercar is not coming until 2018. Affluent buyers need to move right now though, because the reservations will be finished very quickly – Aston Martin and Red Bull will only come up with 99 to 150 units for the street and just 25 examples for exclusive track use.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing introduce the AM-RB 001 7

The AM-RB 001’s dynamic design stance stems from the work of Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, and Aston Martin Chief Special Operations Officer David King. The styling has an emphasis on performance, with little elements to recall this is a proper Aston Martin. We do have the lower air dam paying a tribute to the brand’s styling lines, but aside from that minor detail the hypercar serves its purpose – move as fast as possible. Apparently Newey employed some kind of new underfloor aerodynamics and this led to incredible amounts of downforce.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing introduce the AM-RB 001 2

Of course Aston Martin and Red Bull are looking to deliver the ultimate performance machine when the 001 does arrive. Motivation is provided by a mid-mounted naturally aspirated V12, with the hypercar following on the footsteps of the Koenigsegg One:1 with a one horsepower per kilogram power-to-weight ratio. This could be the same mill as seen in the Vulcan, where the 7.0-liter V12 gives up no less than 820 hp – but it could very well be tweaked for even more oomph. Even if that’s not the case actually, the design should cope with a weight of just 820 kg (1,808 pounds), and it also appears Red Bull Advanced Technologies is in charge of developing a new gearbox to make the best use of the available power. The track-only version is going to be even faster, as it reportedly has the same performance of a LMP1 racecar.