Aston Martin and Red Bull share a little more light about their AM-RB 001 hypercar image

We already know the “holy hybrid hypercar trinity” – P1, LaFerrari and 918 – is going to be challenged by more than one automaker and we’re always ready to share the latest news on one of these competitors.

While Mercedes-AMG has only announced its intention to develop a Formula One-inspired hypercar, Aston Martin and partner Red Bull have already presented their concept. And as time goes by and development progresses, the companies are also making fans happy keeping us all up to speed. That was an intended pun, because the latest details concern… speed, with the AM-RB 001 claimed to be able to reach 200 mph (320 km/h) in just 10 seconds using an advanced design and an active suspension system. During a recent interview with an US outlet, chief technical officer Adrian Newey divulged even more juicy details about the project. “The key will be the car’s active suspension,” said Newey. That setup is self-intuitive and will allow the car to perform differently on the road and on the track.

“Nothing remotely like it has ever been tried on a road car,” said project engineer David King. “The numbers we are getting in the simulation are amazing.” That 10-second, 200 mph sprint is also due in part to the incredible, almost 4,400 pounds of downforce. And Newey even ditched the traditional rear wing in favor of an advanced double-deck front splitter, an undercarriage that has the ability to compress and pressure air, as well as a teardrop shaped canopy. Just 175 examples are being commissioned, with 25 of them exclusively for track use and most likely all of them costing in excess of $3 million.

Via: Wall Street Journal