Aston Martin announced it will begin production of the Rapide S model in the UK.

Recently the Government’s Regional Growth Fund offered Aston Martin £1.6 million of funding, which means the automaker will be able to bring production of its Rapide S model to the UK market. This move will create 20 new jobs and will protect 70 others at Aston Martin’s plants in Gaydon and Coventry, part of a broader plan of £213 million aimed at safeguarding around 16,000 highly skilled jobs in the UK.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is expected to announce today, February 28th, the development of this plan, which the Governments hopes will create at least 11,000 new jobs. This scheme will not only help Aston Martin, but also the research and development segment in the aerospace industry, through a £35 million investment, while a further project will help Britain become a leader manufacturer of gearboxes for the next-generation offshore wind turbines.

“Boosting jobs and growth is my number one priority to build a stronger economy. This investment will secure Britain’s future as a world leader in industries like cars, where we have traditionally taken the lead, and new technologies such as wind turbine gears and semiconductor chips,” said Mr Clegg


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