The British premium sports car manufacturer is taking a page out of its heritage by deciding to spring back to life its famous Lagonda moniker, set to be worn by a top of the line, limited-edition sedan.

The four-door Lagonda, a true sedan – unlike the Rapide four-door coupe – would be designed and manufactured specifically to cater for a certain type of consumer, as it was revealed to be aimed at supplying “specific market demand” in the Middle East. The Lagonda model is scheduled to hit showrooms in 2015.

With the model teased in a rather revealing manner, there’s not much speculation in regard to its final design, as the model takes styling cues from the futuristic four-door Lagonda sedan made in between 1974 and 1990. The new Lagonda is decisively modern and could also hint towards the next design language to be adopted by the future models in the automaker’s line-up.

“The Lagonda of the 70s and 80s was admired in the Middle East. It was a very popular car there,” commented a company spokesman.

According to the British company, while the final price has not been unveiled yet, the model is expected to befit the Lagonda nameplate and charge a good deal above the Rapide S – which goes for 146,035 pounds (184,000 euros).

Via Automotive News Europe


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