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Aston Martin is talking with Daimler over a potential partnership that would see the British luxury carmaker design and build a new Maybach ultraluxury sedan for the German automaker, press reports said.

If a partnership will be signed, Aston Martin could take engine technology ( Aston Martin desperately needs this, as its 6.0-liter V12 engine used in almost every vehicle it sells is quickly becoming outdated) from the German carmaker in exchange for building the cars.
For the moment, a Daimler spokesman has denied the rumors, but, did comment that the lines of communication between the two automakers is open.

“There is no cooperation deal with Aston Martin. We are often in talks about various topics, such as the donating technology for the Lagonda show car,”

However, unnamed Daimler company executive close to the project told the magazine that by working with Aston Martin the cost of developing the new car could be halved.

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It’s no secret that the revival of the Maybach brand by Mercedes parent company Daimler has been a flop. A partnership with Aston Martin, whose luxury sports cars , could give Daimler’s ailing Maybach brand a new lease of life.

“Aston Martin needs engines and nobody at Daimler wants to let the Maybach brand die,” said one industry insider.

The 57- and 62-series cars are expected to continue in production until 2013, at which time the Maybach division has been expected to be either abandoned or relaunched.

In 2009, Daimler sold a mere 200 Maybachs, a third fewer than in 2008.

Source: Reuters

  • Dallas Ford

    Given the fact that most of Aston Martin's cars are quite sophisticated, sleek and super hot, hopefully they will be able to give the Maybach a nice makeover. The Maybach looks incredible on the inside; it's spacious and super luxurious but leaves much to be desired on the outside; looks rather Victoria Crown'ish.