Aston Martin Confirms Investment Agreement With Investindustrial image

Aston Martin confirms agreement with investment company Investindustrial which would bring the automaker £150m worth of investment.

Aston Martin said it will use the money to begin a 5-year product development programme worth £500 million, which will be supported by its partners Investindustrial, Adeem Investment and Investment Dar. Investindustrial is considered to be one of the leading investment companies in Europe with £2.6 billion worth of assets. Aston Martin said that thanks to this substantial support it can now ‘realize its ambitious growth strategy.’

Investindustrial states that it “provides industrial expertise, operational focus and global platforms to accelerate value creation and international expansion.”

The news comes after anonymous sources said earlier this week that Ulrich Bez is expected to step down as Aston Martin’s CEO by the end of this year and take up a more ambassadorial job at the company. Ulrich Bez will turn 70 this November and has been Aston Martin’s CEO and chairman since July 2000.

Although the company did not comment on this information, Autocar’s sources said that a new boss might replace Ulrich Bez this summer, working together during a transition period. Ulrich managed to be besides the company until its 100th birthday celebrated this year.