Aston Martin Cygnet enters in production! image

The Aston Martin Cygnet, the microcar from the faumous luxorious automaker, Aston martin will enter into production in 2011.
The Aston Martin Cygnet is a city car that sets a new benchmark for compact luxury, building upon nearly a century of experience building high performance sports cars, luxurious long-range grand tourers, and extremely competitive racing machines.

“It is time to think differently. Aston Martin is honest and we don’t make compromises. Whatever we do, we do right. If we do performance, we do performance; we don’t downsize or compromise our sports cars. The Cygnet needs to satisfy the demands of emissions and space. It is a car without compromise, just like every other Aston Martin,” said Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez. “Our customers need a small car for urban and city use, and they want the right tools for the right job, to downsize creatively without compromising intelligence, artistry and personality.”


The cabin of Aston Martin Cygnet will not only be high luxury but equipped with the latest systems including a HDD sat nav system, a music hard drive and an iPod dock.


The first Aston Martin Cygnet models will be powered by the stock 1.33-litre Toyota engine driving a manual ‘box. The Multidrive automatic will be optional.


It will only be available to current Aston Martin owners. Aston CEO Ulrich Bez recently announced shipping expectations of about 4000 per year at a price of about £30,000. Aston will confirm full Cygnet pricing and specification later this year.