Kahn Design first introduced the Vengeance coupe almost a year ago during the Geneva Motor Show and now it’s getting ready for an update to breathe new life into the aging DB9 Volante.

While everyone is waiting on the DB11 Volante, the aftermarket specialists at Kahn Design have an alter ego for the oldish but still goldish DB9 Volante, set to premiere in its interesting form during the Geneva Motor Show in March. It’s a rakish grand tourer that still has from the donor car just the rear window, trunk, and the cant rails, while everything has been specifically developed for the Vengeance coupe and now carries over to the droptop model. With the reveal still a few weeks away, Kahn has decided to entice us to the new model with a teaser, though we can imagine it’s not going to stray far from the coupe version.

Even in the shadowy teaser we can see the open top Vengeance has carried the coupe’s signature roulette-style, two-tone alloy wheels and the round taillights. We’re also pretty sure it will also include the same powertrain as in the DB9 Volante – a naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12 engine packing 510 horsepower and 620 Newton-meters of torque. Just three Volante versions will be manufactured next to the two coupes already built.



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